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Our business consultation is a resource in the service industries in the local, state, federal, and international spheres. We have been able to produce dynamic results in each sphere. We provide business plans, organizational analysis, and tax products. Our repertoire includes assisting start-ups, strategy development, leader development, expansion advisement, and organizational structuring and efficiency. Receive results-oriented high-quality professional services now.

Capability Statement
Our goal is to use our best practices.

Inspire and Impact

We mentor, guide, support and provide covering for emerging twenty-first century leaders in the global marketplace. The Leaders Frontline Global Network is a support system for leaders on the frontline in corporate, non-profit and faith-based organizations across the globe. The individual needs of each leader will be assessed at the initial consultation.

Empower. Motivate. Transform.

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Our Services

Develop Human Capital - Improve Financial Capital - Strengthen Organizational Structures


Our Mission

1. We provide mentoring and consulting services to improve the performance of organizational leaders and employees.

2. We formulate strategies and facilitate change to improve the efficiency and financial performance of your business.

3. We conduct an organizational analysis and provide suggestions to improve and strengthen your organizational structure and increase the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.


Gold Partners - $299

Our standard program is for individuals, that need extensive one-to-one training, or mentorship.

• Two 30- minutes by-weekly consultations per month

• One accountability and focus assessments per month 

• Discount on all Training and Workshops

• Discount on all webinars, seminars, and conferences


Platinum Partners

Our premium program is a customizable package for individuals, corporations, or organizations that need a more comprehensive solution to meet long-term goals and objectives. 

• Vision and plan creation with Goals, Objectives, and Timelines

• Two 60 minutes by-weekly group consultations per month

• Discount on all Training and Workshops

• Monthly Assessments and Success Call• VIP Discount to all webinars, seminars, and conferences

$599 – group of 2
$799 – group of 3
$899 – group of 4

***6 Month Commitment Discount starting at Group 3 = Add one for Free

*** NOTE - All sessions, accountability calls will be via phone or Zoom.