Dr. Claudette Morgan-Scott

Empower. Motivate. Transform.

The Tools You Need For The Life You Want To Achieve

My passion is helping you succeed personally, professionally, and spiritually!

Dr. Claudette Morgan-Scott holds a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration, and a Masters in Public Sector Management. Dr. Claudette is the Senior Pastor and the President of Legacy Center International in Belton, Texas. She worked in the field of education and management for over twenty-five years.

Dr. Claudette has been a public speaker at several faith-based events worldwide. She has
lectured in Colleges and Universities all over the world in Social Work and Management. Dr.
Claudette is the principal owner of her own consultancy firm, a construction company, and a
non-profit organization. Through her vast worldwide experience, Dr. Claudette brings a unique
opportunity to all clients by empowering company’s visions through the lens of the global
marketplace. Her dynamic leadership abilities and innovative ideas have been proven through
her various leadership responsibilities.

Dr. Claudette went to America with her two daughters in 2000. She has served in many
different areas of the church. While in England, she was one of eight Under Shepherds.

She was also a Sunday School Teacher, A member of the International Liaison Team and the
Hospitality Team, which is part of the Administration Team. Dr. Claudette was also the Vice-
President of the Open Bible Evangelistic Ministries. Dr. Claudette was also a committee
member for an Inter-denominational Women’s Ministry. She has undertaken work at the
United Nation advocating for human dignity.

Her role is multifaceted, which included the Ministry as a Deliverance, Leadership
Development, Prayer Warrior/Intercessor, Altar Evangelism, Teaching, Counseling, Women’s
Ministry and Child/Youth Work.

She has been a conference speaker at various conferences, and she continues to be invited to
be a guest speaker at various church and community functions.

In her role as Apostle, Dr. Claudette, also known as Apostle C, by her sons and daughters in
ministry, continues to be very active and operates in the prophetic call on her life. Dr. Claudette
continues to dedicate herself to assist others and aid them to become successful in their walk
with Christ and their life endeavors. She believes that one of her many assignments are to raise
and undergird leaders in the body of Christ. Dr. Claudette is a visionary advancing the kingdom
of God. She has a unique ability to empower others to seek and pursue their God-given destiny
and purpose. Dr. Claudette is called to the nations. Dr. Claudette has undertaken several bible
courses, which include Search for Truth, Biblical Theology and Preaching as a Profession.


Superintendent of a Charter school for fifteen years. She has managed a Million dollar project and has raised Federal and State funds for a non-profit education organization.


Pastor and the Vice-President of Shiloh Worship Center Inc. She started the faith-based 501(c)3 organization in 2002 in her home, which has grown into another million dollar project.


Principal owner of Morgan Scott Management Consultants, LLC. She has been consulting since 2008. Claudette has also been a counselor for the SCORE organization on the Fort Hood army base.


Claudette is able to assist in vision casting through the lens of the global marketplace. She is a visionary. She trains, supports and undergirds leaders in both corporate firms and the faith-based world. Through her worldwide experience, she brings a unique opportunity to all her clients.